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  Team Members

James Bailey- Tank


"A True Paintball Ambassador"

A founding member of Special Victims Unit Scenario Paintball Team.
He was a Coach, a Commander, a Paintball Gunsmith, a Skilled Player and most of all, a friend to everyone.

Tank; Always with us, Never Forgotten

Chuck Hanson- CrossHairs

Experience - 7 years Scenario/Woodsball
Favorite Marker - Dry Weather - Dangerous Power G3
                             Inclimate Weather - Tippmann A5
Favorite Away Field-Fort Knox-

Style of Play - Sniper & Command


Jeff Holcomb- Sneak
Paintball History- 7 years Scenario/Woodsball
Favorite Marker- Dry - Spyder MR2 
                            Inclimate - Spyder TL-R 
Favorite away field- Sherwood Forest-
Style of Play - Sniper & mid support

Tai Hanson- Bushido

Experience; 7 years Scenario/Woodsball

Favorite Markers- Dry Weather - BT TM7
                              Inclimate - WGP Autococker Pro Stock

Favorite Away Field -  sherwood forest -
Style of Play - Recon / Mission Specialist

Jason Holcomb- Stink

Paintball history- 7 years of scenario/woodsball.

 Favorite Away field- Sherwood -

 Favorite Marker-Dry Weather - WGP Synergy

                            Wet Weather- Brass Eagle Marrauder

Style of Play- Flank Support.

James Bailey- Weasle

Paintball History- 8 Years of scenario/ Woodsball.

Favorite Away field- sherwood Forest-

Favorite Maker- Dangerous Power G3

Style of Play- Infantry/Support


Robert Tatum- Meta

 Paintball History- 4 Years senario/woodsball.

Favorite Markers- Tippmann Project Salvo, Tippmann TPX

                              Tippmann X7 Phenom w/ Tacamo Kit, Tippmann TPX


Favorite Away Field- Sherwood Forest-

Style of Play- Infantry/ Support.



Ray Black - Schizo

Experience - 7 years scenario/Wooball/Tournament

Favorite Marker - Tippman A5
Favorite Away Field -Sherwood Forest -
Style of Play - Recon & Mission Specialist

Josh Smith - Razorback
Experience - 8 Years Scenario/Woodsball/Tournement
Favorite Marker - Dry Weather - Smart Parts ION
Wet Weather - Tippman 98 Custom
Favorite Away Field -
Style of Play - Infantry/Support
Reserve Players

Jeffery Bridges- Digger

 Experience - 7 years Scenario/Woodsball

Favorite Marker - Tippmann X7

Favorite Away Field -Sherwood Forest-

Style of Play - Recon

Kane Schupp - Punisher

Experience - 9 years Scenario/Woodsball/Tournement

Favorite Marker - WGP Black Magic Autococker

Favorite Away Field -

Style of Play - Forward Operations Specialist

Dustin Campbell-

Paintball History- 4 Years Senario/ Woodsball

Favorite Marker- Tippmann A-5


Favorite Away Field-


Style of Play- Infantry/ Support.